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Lately homosexuals have made it quite clear that its their way or the highway BIGOT. It seems that you either have to agree with them or avoid the topic all together because they will venomously attack anyone who opposes their lifestyle (like PMSing women).

Beginning with their first attack against Chick-Fil-A for holding to Christian values rather than supporting them to their attack against the Catholic church in a bid to have church conducted weddings, suing shop owners and small business owners who refuse to serve them, to writing their own bible to contradict the word of God from the original Hebrew Bible.

They scream unconstitutionality but are the biggest of hypocrites when it comes to accepting the disagreement of people who do not agree with the queer movement. In fact many of us support the scientific possibility that being queer is a mental disease not a gene as queers would have you believe. If constitutionality when applied to homosexuals were truly constitutional then the law would explore the mental health aspect of homosexuals, not just force them down everyone's throats.

I actually had friends that were queer. I was all for live and let live until they tried to force the Catholic church to marry them (a breach of the Catholic faith, since Leviticus 18 specifically states to be with a man as with a woman is an abomination in the eyes of God, that's a sin). Homosexuals unsuccessfully tried twisting and warping the bible to suite themselves saying Christ would have accepted them as they are which is a falsehood. Christ said he was here not to change the law of his father, GOD but to uphold it. Mathew 5:17. They called me a bigot for having my own opinion against their lifestyle and condemned me, we are no longer friends.

Their silliness is also evident in the media, where they are constantly rising up to sue businesses that do not want to have anything to do with them. They use political correctness and misguided liberal sympathy as a weapon against Heterosexual individuals. Homophobic is a word they conjured up to explain away any opposition but in truth the word Heterophobe is probably more accurate and applicable to themselves. I don't mean this article as one of hate towards queers but as a wake up call that their lifestyle is a two way street of acceptance and non-acceptance. My stance is for a normal heterosexual world for my children. Free of all sexual deviants, that is my right and doesn't make me a bigot only concerned and Christian.

Recently I was banned from Fascistbook (Facebook) due first in-part to their nonacceptance of the 1st amendment rights of Americans, but also their pro-homo, pro-liberal, pro-communist and political correct attitude. I used the word "queer" and received a 30 day suspension from my account. If it were not so stupid it would be laughable.  There will never exist equality for them until they realize that it's a two way street and not everyone is accepting of the queer lifestyle.



We all know how twisted Political Correctness has made the USA today. Everything associated with God is called a Christian crutch now by many groups including Homosexuals, who argue that Christians use the bible as a weapon against them and that Christ would not reject them.

They are wrong. God has decreed his will on the topic in Leviticus 18 and it isn't supporting their proclamation. Matt. 5:17-19 in the new testament “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill. “ His task to make sure God's laws in the Old Testament were carried out. So queers need to accept the resolution that God does in fact frown on their activities and to continue on the path of perversion will assure the homosexual a place in hell. 

But getting away from the biblical decree we can also apply logic to the illness of being a homosexual. Most homosexuals are in fact hypocrites when discussing their perversion with anyone especially heterosexuals. Twisting of the Constitution has become a common weapon in the fight against heterosexuals by queers. For example it's not Constitutional for a business owner, who is Christian, to refuse to offer services to a homosexual, on the other hand it's OK for homosexuals to refuse to serve Heterosexuals, a double standard. This type of logic is typical with homosexuals in the furthering of their cause.

Today I was banned for using the word QUEER on Facistbook the popular one sided liberal unconstitutional social media that is popular today, mostly affording privilege to liberals and communists but controlling and policing Patriots and Conservatives and Christians with equal zeal. Soon I'm sure they will ban the use of the word Normal when used in reference to heterosexuals but encourage it's use for homosexuals, and then Heterosexual will become offensive as well. 

Political correctness is a disease and must be so treated. It must be outlawed from the USA as it is contrary to our rule of law and the Constitution. It's a tool used by Obama and his communist/Islamic Party formerly refereed to as the Democrat Party. Patriots in American must use their right to purge first our corrupt government and restore the Constitution, and then remove all the elements that betray American values. Our positive foundation was built on the Constitution the Bill of rights based on the rule of law and Christianity. Islam, Sharia, Illegal alien amnesty, Riots and looting in the streets and Atheism, and queers as well as other deviants are all destroying our country but most of all our Government has become an enemy of the people.

We must fight for our right to fight Corruption whether it be government or some detrimental perversion practiced by mentally ill people such as queers. They need medical help not encouragement, and definately not a world molded around their lifestyle.


Grab a Broom!

We're all wondering right now how we can get the Person out of the White House. We have proof of crimes against the people and the country, against his oath of office and the pledge of allegiance, and most of all we have ALL witnessed his disgust and ignorance towards the Constitution of the United States of America which he swore to protect. While we ponder how he will face his Justice a bigger task awaits us when he has finally faced Justice. That task is fixing what he and two Bushes did to this country.
If you still think the Bushes are innocent you need to pinch yourself and wake up to reality. But the truth is Obama singlehandedly out did both those Bushes in just three years. If it weren’t like some weird movie like "The Manchurian Candidate" or "Logan’s Run" comes to life, it certainly is something that one hell of a book or movie could be made out of in the future, if there is one.
I don't want to sound all doom and gloom but the worst hasn't even began to happen yet and we as Americans need to be prepared. I hope in the times to come our Military will do the "Constitutional" thing and protect the people against this dictator and his allies on our soil?
Now let’s talk about the clean up part. Supposing Obama meets justice and we elect a new President in 2012, will he/she actually be able to pull us out of this mess entirely by the end of their first term, or even second? Not likely. Our deficit is among the top three items needing to be repaired the other two are illegal aliens and the Muslim threat within the USA.
How does one deal with 14-17 Trillion Dollars of debt? I read somewhere that if you spent 1 million a day from the time of Christ you could not spend a Trillion dollars. I'm not sure if that's a fact or not but it kind of puts into perspective that huge deficit hanging over this country, and somehow Obama believes that spending more and printing more money will make it all go away. Fortunately the majority of Americans except the liberals have enough brains to see that those things will not work. We need an honest approach to the debt, you can't squeeze blood out of the stone poor or middle class who have been out of work for three years or more, who have lost their homes to fore-closure, who are living in tent cities in rural dumps and fields because they have no where to go (we're talking about legal American citizens here, not illegal’s aliens from Mexico, India, Pakistan or China). These legal American citizens have given all they have and it was not enough to save them from the poverty they now find themselves in.
It doesn't help that Obama has given Amnesty to +12 million illegal aliens from Mexico alone not counting the other ones from other countries. Who are here on tax payers backs, and on the backs of our own children’s educations, who are here driving down wages and using up aide money like welfare etc meant for legal citizens not illegal aliens.
The budget will not fix itself in 4-8 years but we can hope that our next President first holds the Constitution at their heart like all the rest of non liberal citizens do, then can figure out a smart and fair way to work down our deficit while not further hurting the poor or middle class American who has suffered enough already. That task will be monumental.
Next, our new President has to deal with immigration and the illegal Aliens. Over 80% of Legal American citizens do not want Amnesty or a dream act or any other reward for illegal aliens other than deportation. If it means whole families then so be it, justice may seem harsh but laws have been broken by people that repeatedly show in the media their disdain for American citizens and the law of the land. The new President needs to shut out liberal opinion and do what the law demands and that is removing these illegals once and for all. Then strengthen our borders everywhere and create job by doing so.
The new President needs to allow citizens in their States to protect themselves against the violence from the cartels. Especially in Southern Arizona where the Cartels are slowly invading American soil and causing violence on our people as they do so. The new President needs to send our military in to this area and along the borders and eliminate the cartel threat with extreme prejudice or allow the citizens their right to do so in the form of Militias. This is a war against Mexican Crime trying to gain a foothold in the USA and must be stopped no matter the cost.
Let's talk about number three now. Muslims in America. Its already know in their book the Quran that any passages written in the book after the original ones negate the peaceful first ones for the more violent rewrites and that is what the Muslim book is, basically a military guide on the assimilation of cultures into Sharia. Obama aided by liberals and their asinine doctrines political correctness has in effect undermined the entire security of this nation to Muslim Assimilation.  There is no such thing as a good Muslim and this holds true because it is each Muslims duty to use whatever means including lying under oath to achieve Sharia. They are doing this very thing in the USA now and have already done huge damage to other countries who must now take back their countries in civil war there’s no other choice. The liberal ideal of political correctness is a tool that is in effect against the Constitution as well because it warps the law in favor of politically correct ideas which favor criminals and terrorists. The word racist has become a sword that the liberal wields to step on and trample the Constitution and the laws of this land.
What the new President will have to do is correct these illegal circumnavigations of the laws of the land, the oaths of allegiance and oaths of office and citizenship and the bill of rights and FORCE Muslims in the USA to observe US custom and follow our laws without any special circumstance to them which is against their pledge of allegiance anyhow. He must remove those Muslims that protest from this country. Americans need to feel safe again and the children of America need to feel safe as well.
Although there are many laws already favoring Sharia in the USA those must be removed and the laws of the land restored to their Constitutional state before this all began.
There's more I'll write again later I'm tired now. Good night United States of America, GOD bless you and if I may ask you lord GOD in Heaven? Bless and protect all of the citizens of the USA and give us the strength to preserve our freedoms and Constitution against the horde and tyrant we now face. Amen.

9/11/2001 - 9/11/2011

Even if there was a conspiracy around the events of 9/11, there are still some facts that can't be disputed. IE: Almost 4 thousand people lost their lives, 2 towers of the world trade center and several other buildings as well as the pentagon were attacked and damaged or destroyed, The planes contained terrorists as the voice conversation from at least the PA flight testify too, Terrorists have tried to kill Americans from inside our own Military, Terrorists have been killing our soldiers for 10 years now in the Middle east, Terrorists are in several other countries around the globe like Germany, Holland, and Great Britain and are destroying those countries from inside. Terrorist are living here in the USA under Obama's protection. Now tell me why we should stop worrying about terrorists?..


Science fiction or Historical Fact?

I've been in the US since 2001, in fact, I came down from Canada just after the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. I came here as a legal immigrant under a visa to work here and was also married to an American women (She's as cute as bugs ear). And I became a US citizen in 2010 after having been a legal permanent resident for the required number of years finally taking my Oath of Allegiance; I love this country and my family here.

I can't believe what has happened to the US our home since Obama took the chair in the Oval Office. Everyone knows the unbelievable things he has done to undermine and destroy American sovereignty and security I needn't go over them all but its leading us down a path to a Medieval like existence again.

Our laws have been ignored and trampled over by Obama, with a contempt that his arrogance has made him think we do not notice. In regards to 12 million illegal aliens in this country plus million upon millions of Muslims he has given the key to the nation and our security, our identity is in danger of being wiped out.

This is all playing out like some Mel Gibson road warrior movie. First the global picture, since Bush we’ve been involved in military actions in the middle east and since 9/11 we’ve supposedly been hunting Osama Bin Laden the instigator of the 9/11 Twin Towers and the Pentagon, as well as the PA jet crash incidents in which over 3,000 Americans lost their lives. He was supposedly bouncing like a rabbit from one hole to another from Afghanistan to Pakistan and back with no one ever seeing him. He was supposedly killed in 2003 and his body frozen but this news never made public. Yet we stayed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then again he was found hiding in the country of Pakistan, supposed allies now traitors, this in 2011 and again he was killed, and instead of bringing his head triumphantly back to the USA for forensic verification, he and his vile noggin were tossed in the sea by the Seal team that killed him. Incidentally, the largest portion of those Seals is now dead, murdered on board a US helicopter by an RPG.

Obama was behind the orders having Osama’s body thrown overboard without bringing US (you and me) proof. He also had knowledge of the Seal Teams activities while in the Chopper and has shown relentless contempt for whites (his own two books and his racist Baptist church he attended for many years), his strong affection for and admiration for the Muslim’s and their corrupt books and sect. It’s this affection towards Muslim’s that makes me think he could easily tell them where the chopper with Seal team 6 was to be found.

A strange pattern is developing around Obama and will not be easily explained away by him in fact he has already tied the noose around his neck by himself and sooner or later he will have to pay Justice back for those crimes but what if American’s do nothing about him? A man that has brought the USA to financial ruin, Who has lied in his trusted post so many times they are alarming, who has ignored the sacred document we all cherish in America to be our guide on how to run this country, the Constitution, who has ignored our security on our Southern flank and left it open to criminal drug cartels, prostitutes, Coyotes, and child porn and violence and murder to our citizens, who has supplied weapons to those cartels in an insidious move to try and remove our 2nd amendment rights to bear arms, who has gone before the nation on several occasions and proclaimed we are no longer a Christian nation when ours and HIS oaths depend upon GOD for truth, our currency also recognizes GOD as this lands benefactor, so who is Obama to assume he can proclaim otherwise? He has said we will conform or make this land more Muslim friendly? Where does he think he has the power to change our nation for our enemies? As we can see there is developing a mental picture of Obama and his intent if allowed to go unchecked?

He has American’s fighting a War in Iraq and Afghanistan, he has us nosing around in Syria and Libya, Pakistan has now offended us by harboring Osama and we’re pissed and standing at the door and Iran is again threatening everyone now that they have Nuclear capability. Pretty bad picture abroad right and our troops, our sons and daughters, are being thinned out and sacrificed by Obama so that the USA will have no one left to defend it except us civilians. On top of this the Chinese communists are now getting cocky as well.

Look at the problem with a wider lens, most countries in Europe have already succumb to Muslim invasion such as Holland, Germany, France, Britain and many others with the populations in those countries being Muslim majority or close to it. All the Arab countries and the Middle East are Muslim AND most alarming out of Obama’s lips himself is that the USA is the has the largest Muslim population.

Just think if our Armies in the Middle East were all of a sudden surprised by a Muslim uprising and instantaneously the same happened on our shores here in the USA? Along with that Obama’s weakened border to the South allows Mexican illegal’s room to riot?
We’re starting on the path to Road warrior huh?

Obama has been amassing some elite troops of his own here in the USA like a personal guard what do you think they are for? And more recently there is a huge Saudi complex being built close to the White House for what real purpose?

Obama is playing both the Muslims and us Americans at each other in hopes his special unit will be able to come in declare martial law and he would be able to install himself as a dictator in the USA the first one! He wants’ our American troops to kill the Muslim kings and leaders abroad because he wants to become the only Muslim king of the world. A childhood fantasy of his “King Obama”.

We as American’s, as free American’s, as patriotic and proud American’s, need to stop this while it can still be stopped. We need to remove Obama from his position and arrest him. Investigate and charge him for crimes against America. We don’t have forever to decide either time is running out.


Obama who is he????,

We all knew he supposedly has a law degree (really?) Mom's Irish white (catholic/protestant?) and dad's was black and Muslim. Obama grew up resenting his mother (case in point, he doesn't talk about her much and mostly talks about his Muslim father, he was also heard saying something like He didn't want his white half interfering in his life or something to that effect) His step-dad was also Muslim and we know his mother had to convert to the Muslim belief because it forbidden for a Muslim to marry outside Muslims. we have also heard that supposedly he was born in Hawaii in 1961. Obama's Birth Certificate

If all this is true why is it he took such painfully precise measures to make sure he sealed his personal files using a court of law? why wouldn't he openly show ALL documents related to his legal birthright as a born US citizen to run for the office of President of the United States of America? Strange and peculiar behavior isn't it?

Now I'm not a psychologist Obama's psychological profile but i can read people fairly well, just by their mannerisms, facial expressions, and the things they say or don't say. I didn't grow up with Obama so I can't be an eye witness either but I have dug into his past on several sources and from that I have formulated my outlook of the real Obama.

Obama is a habitual liar. While growing up I had a friend that was a great guy but he couldn't tell the truth not if you beat him for hours to get it. Just lied all the time. I wasn't sure if it was a lack of self esteem or verbal abuse from parents but he just couldn't tell the truth. In my mind I see Obama as my friend was. Although Obama is an adult male and elected head of a country. My friend bags groceries.

I also think Obama was brainwashed as a child by both of his father's concerning the Muslim belief and I believe he has a militant extremist Muslim mind set. I believe Obama is hiding this fact. Obama and Muslims

Obama used to play as a child and considered himself a king referring to himself as King Obama. In later years as the previous video shows he bows to a Muslim king in such a political fashion as to disgrace the US Presidency.

Obama is on the forefront of making America more Muslim friendly even going so far as to give his blessing to build a mosque on ground zero. This without even consulting the families of the 3000 people killed there on 9/11/2001 by Muslims.

He has shown continued contempt for the USA by supporting illegal aliens Fuck you gringo in law suits against States trying to uphold the federal laws on immigration. He even goes so far as to say on public television that he wished he could do what he wanted. He has appointed a Mexican illegal advocate to a political position in the USA and this man belongs to the hate group called La Raza or the race translated. Obama's racists - La Raza

Obama has undermined and is on the verge of destroying US security on the Mexican border. he is also tied to the scandal of weapons deals with Mexican drug cartels which is currently in the US newspapers .

Now even if we ignore all the above and we look at just his campaign promises and other lies he spewed. Obama Lies- none of this ever materialized I was foreclosed on, where did his promised help go? Why did banks not adjust loans to after bubble appraisals by law? Why are leading colleges allowed to lie to get students signed up? the lie how about unverified placement figures for the degree's they offer? How bout Sallie Mae allowed to offer loans in excess of 70k until the last semester, when they suddenly stop your loan and force you to get a co-signer because they know there are no jobs. HOW about jobs Obama you promised to create lots of jobs and you DIDN'T! In fact you say unemployment is 8-9% when economists say it really is 14-15%. Stop Lying. Unemployment Rate

On top of it you allow 12 million illegals to stay here and take even more out of the pockets of real Americans. Obama your a traitor to your people. If you didn't like the Constitution and hate the laws of the USA on immigration then you should never have accepted the presidency because you have violated both federal law and the Constitution on all counts. It's time for you to take a powder , the gig is up!


Biden says he will impeach Obamalamadingdong

Well blow me down "nyuk nyuk nyuk", Appears Biden has said on the air that he would move to impeach Obama if Obama ignored warnings about war with Iran/Libya which has done as of last night. The link is on the page on the left side go have a look at the video.

Would be nice for a democrat to keep their word wouldn't it? Although I still wouldn't buy a used car from one. Obama has hit an all time low in the USA as far a veteran support goes as well. And he has repeatably said on numerous occasion about him taking matters into his own hands etc, he is loosing mental stability and therefore is unfit to lead this country. He should be impeached and possibly tried for Treason because of his policy since getting into office of destroying US border security and his own interpretation of the Constitution where illegal aliens are concerned. The law is clear they must be deported any any President or State that ignore that or tries to bring in criminal legislation to the contrary should be impeached, tried and punished.

Many sites on Facebook and Blogger are showing just how fed up the American people are with this charlatan. The greatness and respect the USA once commanded may be at jeopardy because of Obama lackluster attitude in the white House and of course his administration which has shown it is no more than a patsy to the left wing pricks who run them.


Illegal Aliens sue Alabama??

Doesn't that just crack you up? Criminals once again, never cease to amaze me. The audacity is incredible. Fox News (left wing) Latino can you believe a news network being dedicated to a race of people other than a nation of Americans. (I have a good mind to cut FOX out of everything) Anyhow, they report now that the illegals have again had their toes stepped on in Alabama. They say the immigration law is too tough *coughs*. First, the illegals ignore the laws of the land let alone a State so how would they know they are too tough? Secondly and most important these are not Americans they are (Criminal) illegals and here unlawfully. They are also not Americans in the sense of the USA and are probably fleeing justice in their own land.

They are here stealing the identities of Americans that are dead or creating completely bogus identification to collect benefits from our government which is a federal crime. And still they can complain that we wish to have law and order and legality over the immigration issue.

I would say the American people should levy a counter suit against these illegals for: Breaking the federal immigration law, falsifying documents or obtaining social security numbers illegally, for destruction of property, for conspiring to incite a riot, conspiracy, terrorist activities, fraudulently making claims, False welfare claims, failing to pay taxes, working without a permit/visa, aiding and abetting illegals, obstruction of justice, uttering death threats, theft over $200 from the American people, theft over $5,000 from the State government in unemployment/welfare/medical/school funds.. These are just some I'm sure the Fed's could make a bunch more stick. Between charges and counter lawsuit we should be able to deport the lot of them.

What these people (aliens) always forget are the golden truths, those are Illegal is illegal (period) and you have no rights here in the USA those are reserved for US citizens and legal permanent residents not criminals who despise the Constitution and USA and our laws.

So please, why do we even waste more tax payers money? Wouldn't it be just easier to take the illegal ones and throw them over the fence and take the ones that are citizens and revoke that honor because they are in breach of their pledge of alegience to this country?

To be or not to be, that is the question?

Plenty of us American are sitting and listening to the news these days and/or reading blogs, or websites about the situation in the USA. In case you were living under a rock (sorry geico)let me fill you in. Obama has come under fire from several fronts because of his irresponsible and traitorous actions, such as the illegal alien situation, his dream/nightmare act (depending on which side of the wallet you are on ), his allowing Muslims to pass airport security; his first denying and then proclaiming his Muslim ties; his failure to deal with any issue other than those he felt himself were important; his additional 7 trillion US dollars of debt on our deficit and most of all, his inability and refusal to prove he is legitimate in the office he holds under the Constitution of the USA.

Obama was born of a white mother and a black Muslim father from Kenya. In Muslim faith (use that word loosely) you have to be a Muslim to marry a Muslim so obviously mom converted from which ever religion to that of her husbands and became a Muslim. To them was begot the bouncing baby liar and future president (or not) of the USA. Now he claims he's Christian where did that come from? His old school mates have verified he's as Muslim as a Muslim can be, he even referred to himself as "King Obama" as a youth. (Not at all conceited even at that age) His brother converted to Muslim religion as well.

Yet, Obama denied any such ties. He said on public television in front of millions and millions of viewers that he was a Christian and not a Muslim, he does not practice his fathers religion he said or something very close.

Yet, Obama has sealed all and any documents that legally show his country of birth and his religious affiliation. The only way to unseal these is to impeach him and demand they be shown in supreme court. The one document he did produce, a copy of a long form birth certificate has 5 times been proven to be a fake.

After taking office Obama's tune changed the fact he was self centered, egotistical and a dictator in the making as well as Muslim sympathizer were coming to light. He became more and more certain he was rooted in office by his left wing political prick friends and the stupid people that follow him without question in the Democratic party, that he has started to recant some of his earlier lies IE: He no longer denies being Muslim. In fact he has also said on the media that "the United States of America is no longer a Christian country" (not an exact quote but very close).

He has since made a pilgrimage to Muslim countries and visited their Mosques, he has also taken an insulting stance against Israel a former friend of the US. He has said in not so many words that he will make sure Muslim assimilation of the USA goes smoothly and that we are not at war with them.

Should this man be in the highest office as commander and chief of the most powerful nations armies and weapons? Should he even be President? NO is the answer to both questions. Even if Obama could finally produce a forgery of his birth certificate and prove he was born in Hawaii (which he can't) there is still the fact that we have a "madman" or a self proclaimed king as head of our government.

Recently in a White House interview he stated how he would like to do things his way.
Is that how Presidents do things Obama? Besides how the people want it?

There are probably a dozen or more reason in the media alone today to impeach Obama and there may even be a few to charge him with Treason for betraying the Constitution of the USA and undermining us to our current world enemies.

We all have to think about this but in the mean time we need to remove Obama from office at the very least he has no right to be at the head of this country.

Oh Wu is me.

David Wu is resigning after being caught trying to Wu his way into a teenager.

Washington is being cleaned one corrupt scumbag at a time but one day America we'll once again have a shining government.

La raza in schools?

This one about tossed me off my chair. La Raza studies in American schools? WTF? Are you left wing prick assholes out of your minds? Why are we teaching racist Mexican propaganda in any of our US schools at all, and I don't care if the school is just full of illegal Mexicans either? We may as well teach our children Brown beret racist hate as well.

I can't even begin to say where this is wrong it's wrong from any angle you look at it. As a tax payer I am appalled and demand explanations and the resignation of who ever is in charge of letting this racist illegal Mexican shit in our American schools. Already American children who do not tow the line behind Mexican illegal kids are being pressured by Illegal alien gangs and harassed but not only that they are in danger of violence against them. These are our son's and daughters or grandchildren being threatened by illegal alien youth.

La Raza preaches this type of hate against whites at every turn yet we are considered racist when we complain. I won't support a school system allowing these studies. ( I don't think anyone not having direct children in school should have to pay school district taxes anyhow but that's another story).

TSUD Board member Michael Hicks recently changed his mind about supporting Mexican studies in Tucson, AZ when he said "In my simple mind, I was voting to find out exactly where we were in violation, and how we could fix that. But as I read through the document that explained our position, I see a statement about the law being vague on its face - at that point we were challenging the constitutionality of the law and that's a different issue."Questioning the law itself is what I oppose. I didn't vote for that."

Personally I grew up in Canada as a child and in our school system we learned of not only Canadian history but of the worlds history. And I agree that can be much more fulfilling to learn about other cultures and be aware of them. But in some cultures like Mexican history we're seeing a trend towards hate and propaganda spewed at whites from the La Raza group and the Brown berets because whites refuse to allow them to live on our shirt tails and expense.

This hate from la raza needs to be deported as do the criminals within our borders, our children need to be safe and our neighborhoods need to be secured from gang violence and stupidity. DO NOT support school systems teaching La Raza principles and fight to have them closed or removed from the system, for your children's sake.


Traitors among us

California continues to defy American law and has approved phase one of their two phase plan to pay for illegal aliens educations for college and university in that State.

Obama calls this a "dream Act" but for who? Not for anyone this side of the border is foresure in fact, majority of Americans are ready to impeach a false, self centered man who happens to be leader of our nation for this mess. His denial of the Constitution has now drifted to various States where his left wing supporters are bringing in legislation like this.

Phase two of this plan wants to grant citizenship to these illegals bypassing the federal laws on immigration. Also supported by the mad man in the White House. Legal californians of all races are talking of moving from the State in disgust over this news.

On top of this Californian State government has petitioned the Federal government for 45 Billion dollars. can we guess what for? I wager to pay for the millions of illegals there to attend schools and universities at our expense to eventually take American jobs from the already over 12 million unemployed Americans. Where is the logic in all this? there isn't, it's just left wing politics and tree hugger mentality at work.

We of course DO NOT and WILL NOT SUPPORT the decision either in vote or fiancially. Let Californians dig deep in their collective pockets and pay for their illegal aliens out of their State taxes. Oh not enough? Raise your own taxes then to pay for them, sell you luxury homes and move into smaller condos, flog the jewels the diamonds and the expensive cars, stop playing golf and give this to your illegal aliens. *cheers*

Our Government Laughing Stock or Traitors?

Hi and welcome to the blog about the fog in the White House. What's going on folks? Aren't you all asking that same question when you turn on the TV (FOX) or Log-in to Facebook? I shake my head so much I look like Stevie Wonder. It's incredible and almost unbelievable kind of in a Surrealistic way our government has become and evil, self gratifying monster with it's head routed in the White House.

Let's take a look at some of the stuff going on in the news and Facebook which is fast becoming one of the major tools voters are using to relay their feelings and thoughts to other voters. I hope this blog will also do that in some small way. The main problems arose several years back when it was discovered that illegal aliens from south of the border, namely Mexico were flooding here to the tune of over 12 million people. In- frikin-credible, 12 million criminals fled their country, perhaps due to the Mexican governments pursue of them in relation to drug cartels or prostitution or violent crimes? either way they have come here to the good ole USA and they with hate filled faces, refuse to leave. Citing that we, the "white people" have no right to be here, this is their land and we should leave. They march around in American neighborhoods, grabbing their crotches and making the "fuck you" middle finger signs at legal Americans with their hate groups like "la raza" and the "brown berets". They threaten violence on us as we pass them and they cause disturbances by blocking streets and traffic, like emergency vehicles etc (I hope no one we know ever gets stopped by these kind of protests and is in a life or death situation in an ambulance?)

The worst thing and the most disgusting thing and what makes this all so surrealistic is the President of the United States of America supports these hate groups. He's just recently had a supported session with la raza which incidentally translates into "the race". Nothing racist about that huh?

Anyway what makes this whole mess so sickening? Are the Mexicans themselves. These illegal aliens are spewing threats and demanding that we allow them here to live off tax payer money and social assistance programs meant for Americans not illegal criminals. These people are in violation of federal immigration laws yet no one does anything to remove them? Except States like Arizona and Alabama who have enacted some recent tough measures to remove the vermin from our lands. Obama is in violation of the trust placed in him by the American people to uphold the laws of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He is allowing the assimilation of America by Muslims, who are our sworn enemies in the 3rd world countries even if Obama says they mean us no harm. I bet the 3 thousand Americans that died on 9/11/2001 would have something else to say about that. But this isn't about the Muslims yet (later) it's about 12 million or more convicts, criminals, prostitutes, drug cartel members, gang members and their children who are demanding rights where none exist for them except deportation or imprisonment.

We need to stand as Americans and impeach this President who has never proven his right to hold that office in the first place, we need to see that he is tried for treason against this country by breaching the trust of law of the land and inviting enemies of State and welfare of the American people into our midst.

Let's do the right thing come November when his house of representatives will not save him with more lies and put an end to this embarrassment by punishing him as law demands he be punished.

More later folks